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5 Types Of Anxiety Explained In One Image

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting 40 million people over the age of 18 in the country in 2005. (18% of U.S Population). Generalized Anxiety Disorder: With Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), the patient is anxious or nervous about nothing in particular and may become fearful for no apparent...Read More

How Social Anxiety Can Dominate Your Life

It’s tough dealing with the outside world especially when you feel like no one understands you. The ruminating thoughts compromises your ability to meet new people. Feeling social anxiousness and the paralyzing fear of rejection from society can have negative repercussions on the mind. It may feel as if no one can say the correct...Read More

4 Remedies For A Nervous Break Down

ervous breakdowns are a period of time riddled with depression, anxiety or stress. It feels like smashing into a brick wall and shattering into a million pieces like an eggshell. Sometimes it seems to come out of nowhere or sometimes it’s easy to tell why you’re having the nervous breakdown. However, no matter what the...Read More

The Three Minute Clinical Anxiety Test

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health issues in the world. Nearly 40 million American’s suffer from some form of anxiety. Of those 40 million Americans, 7 million suffer from GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), 15 million suffer from social anxiety, and 22.5 million suffer from depressive/traumatic forms of anxiety. These forms of anxiety are...Read More

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