21 Spot-on Quotes For Dealing With Anxiety


it’s estimated that roughly 40 million people suffer from anxiety-related disorders with 7 million affected by GAD (General Anxiety Disorder), 15 million with social anxiety disorder, 14.8 million with major depressive disorder and 7.7 million people with post-traumatic stress disorder. These numbers don’t even include those of us who occasionally experience bouts of anxiety. Anxiety is very common and it’s something that many of us are struggling to deal with on a daily basis. Here is a selection of quotes for explaining and dealing with anxiety.

What It Feels Like

“Anxiety’s like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far.”
― Jodi Picoult, Sing You Home

“It’s sad, actually, because my anxiety keeps me from enjoying things as much as I should at this age.” – Amanda Seyfried

“My anxiety takes over my body. My breathing is irregular, my heart is racing despite minimal activity, and my muscles are tense unless I consciously relax them. My mind doesn’t shut off. I think about things that could go wrong, things that went wrong in the past, and things I have absolutely no control over. Despite having the knowledge that I cannot control everything that happens, I struggle with these consuming symptoms on a daily basis.” – Anonymous

“I’m trying to stay as calm as possible and focus one day at a time, but when reality sets in, I feel everything: anxiety, excitement, nerves, pressure and joy” – Shawn Johnson

“Just because I can’t explain the feelings causing my anxiety, doesn’t make them less valid.” – Lauren Elizabeth

“It feels like having absolutely no control of your emotions. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching myself work something up in my head, knowing I’m safe and fine, but not being able to control the panic creeping up my neck or the fear response. It’s horrible.” – Anonymous

“I am severely overwhelmed with everything. It’s come to a point where even small tasks make me feel like breaking down and crying. Everything is just too much for me now.” – Anonymous

Quotes For Coping With Anxiety

“A man who suffers before it is necessary, suffers more than is necessary.” -Seneca

““Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.” ~Charles Spurgeon

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.” – Lao Tzu

“Never bear more than one kind of trouble at a time. Some people bear three — all they have had, all they have now, and all they expect to have.” ~Edward Everett Hale

“Anger and worry are the most unprofitable conditions known to man. They are like thieves that steal precious time and energy from life. Anger is a highway robber and worry is a sneak thief.” ~Horace Fletcher

“I have learned to live each day as it comes, and not to borrow trouble by dreading tomorrow. It is the dark menace of the future that makes cowards of us.” ~Dorothy Day

“I think one thing is that anybody who’s had to contend with mental illness – whether it’s depression, bipolar illness or severe anxiety, whatever – actually has a fair amount of resilience in the sense that they’ve had to deal with suffering already, personal suffering.” – Kay Jamison

Quotes To Make Someone With Anxiety Feel Better

“I’m always here if you need to talk.”

“You won’t feel this way forever. All feelings eventually pass. Just hang in there.”

“No matter how you feel, I am always here for you. Don’t forget that you have people that love you.”

“I understand that you feel anxious and afraid, and that’s ok. What can I do to help?”

“What usually helps your anxiety, maybe we can do that together?”

“You will make it through this, even if you don’t feel like you will. You’re strong.”

“It’s ok that you have anxiety, you’re not a burden to anyone, and I want to help you through this.”

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