About Mindcology

Mindcology is an online publication and psychology based technology company founded in early 2017.

One of our primary focuses is making sure that visitors have resources and access to affordable mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment and important resources. Our content is designed to be educational and entertaining focusing on personality disorders, relationships and addiction.

Interested Contributors

We receive many requests for submitting articles to Mindcology. We occasionally accept guest authors under certain criteria. Guest authors must have an educational background in psychology, social work or related science fields. Additionally, authors must have samples of previous articles written for other offline or online publications.

For all inquiries please contact us at info@mindcology.com

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Everything You Need To Know About Sexual Stealthing

Everything You Need To Know About Sexual Stealthing

Stealthing means the act of removing a condom during sexual intercourse without consent, is a growing concern in the dating world. It not only violates a partner's trust and autonomy, but it also poses significant physical and emotional risks. In this article, we will...

Are You Trauma Bonded? A Gift Or Curse?

Are You Trauma Bonded? A Gift Or Curse?

Trauma bonding is a phenomenon that occurs when an individual forms a strong emotional connection with someone who has caused them harm. It can manifest in a variety of relationships, including romantic partnerships, friendships, and even parent-child relationships....