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Angela Sartain, PhD Psychology

Narcissistic Injury, Rage and Supply Explained Getting to Know a Narcissist

Individuals living with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are known to have many commonalities, such as an inflated sense of self or believing that they are deserving or entitled to the best of everything. However, few people recognize that these individuals also suffer from a fragile ego which creates areas of vulnerability for the narcissist. Narcissistic Injury...Read More

7 Celebrities That Might Have Histrionic Personality Disorder Symptoms and Supposed Sufferers

There are a wide variety of personality disorders which can affect the way an individual thinks and acts. In some cases, personality disorders have symptoms so severe that they affect the quality of life for the individual affected. Other times, personality disorders can be subtle and only recognized by a highly trained psychological or psychiatric...Read More

What’s The Difference? Bipolar Vs BPD Understanding the difference between disorders

Mental health awareness is on the rise in political arguments, and personal experiences are becoming a hot topic of conversation. However, despite the recognition of many highly characterized mental disorders, many people remain unsure of the distinguishing differences each disorder can have. One of the common misconceptions comes from the use of the terms bipolar...Read More

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