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Ashley Nicole, B.A. Psychology, M.M.C. Health Journalism

Mental Illness And Its Stigma: The New Cancer Mental illness is a serious, life-threatening illness

You do not tell a cancer patient,  “It’s like you’re not even trying.” Nor do you comfort a heart disease patient with, “You’ll feel better if you just change your frame of mind.”  Both of these are unintentional medical conditions that are leading causes of death. These same statements shouldn’t be said to mental illness...Read More

How Therapy Can Help Almost Anyone It's not just for the broken, weak, and crazy.

Most people assume if you go to therapy you are either crazy or your marriage is in trouble.  I am here to say – That. Is. Not. True. Healthcare professionals, including mental health professionals, stigmatize and discriminate against people with mental illness. Studies by National Alliance on Mental Illness revealed that 16% to 44% experienced...Read More

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