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ReBecca Byrd, Phd Psychology

15 Signs Of A True Sociopath In Both Adolescents And Adults

A sociopath, by definition, is someone with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASP). A personality disorder characterized by disturbed, maladaptive social relationships, particularly those that reflect clear antisocial behaviors (Sociopathic Personality, 2009). Antisocial behaviors can vary individually, yet it’s important to understand that a psychopath is believed to be born, meaning it’s in their ‘nature’, it’s related...Read More

Panic Attack vs. Anxiety Attack: The Key Differences  ‘Passing’ Panic Attacks and ‘Always’ Anxiety Attacks

One key factor that distinguishes a panic attack from an anxiety attack is the length of the symptoms such as the time it takes to start and stop. Panic Attacks are ‘passing’ while Anxiety Attacks are ‘always’ is a good ‘trick’ in recalling the differences. For example, panic attacks last no more than 30 minutes...Read More

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