23 Quotes That Explain Every Side Of Bipolar

Bipolar disorder affects nearly 5.7 million Americans or 2.6 percent of the adult population. The disorder is identified by symptoms such as mood swings, lack of concentration, delusions, sleep problems and much more. Although many people like to joke about being ‘bipolar’, it’s a very serious condition that may make life extremely difficult for those that suffer from the disorder.

We put together a list of 23 quotes about bipolar disorder from celebrities, authors and surveyed Facebook users. We hope this list helps sufferers and others with loved ones that have the disorder understand and relate to it better.

On Living With Bipolar

“I have a chemical imbalance that, in its most extreme state, will lead me to a mental hospital… I outlasted my problems. I am mentally ill. I can say that. I am not ashamed of that. I survived that, I’m still surviving it, but bring it on.”  – Carrie Fisher (Star Wars actress diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder) 

“Some days I feel everything at once. Other days I feel nothing at all. I don’t know what’s worse. Drowning beneath the waves or dying from thirst.” – The Idealist

It’s like living on the pencil’s edge of a circle. The author keeps drawing, they move one, but that circle never ends. – Kelly Willett, FB User

“I was actually manic a lot of the times that I would take on workloads, and I would say, ‘Yes, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.’ I was conquering the world, but then it would all come crashing down and I would be more depressed than ever.” – Demi Lovato

“When under the strain of bipolar’s strongest symptoms, we certainly can make selfish decisions, but that doesn’t make us selfish people. In fact, because we have struggled and known such depths of darkness, our compassion runs deeper.” — Lyss Trayers

“I’m normal just like any of you, I’m just a little sensitive.” –Marwa El Awdan, FB User

“I’m standing in the middle of a seesaw trying to stay perfectly balanced.” — Emily Anne

Bipolar, for me, is a battlefield. When I’m manic, neurotypical people don’t understand. When I’m depressive, neurotypical people don’t understand. I have to constantly question what is wrong with me.

Why am I like this? Why can’t I just be a good spouse and a good parent? Why do I ruin everything? Why can’t anyone love me? Why can’t anyone understand me?

I move from uncontrollable rage to suicidal depression, to hypersexuality, to manic, instantaneously gratifying decisions, and then listen to people say that I’m irresponsible, reckless, a slut, or toxic and dangerous. It is a constant fight with myself, and with everyone else. The only thing I want as a bipolar person is for someone to love me and understand me, but because I’m bipolar, I can never have that. –Kaylee Rains, FB User

Its a constant battle of fighting myself and fighting to be myself everyday but truth is I am lost in my own mind. Like a plane circling the sky no place to land … Mania –Demetra Ross, FB User

It can be confusing. Sometimes I don’t know who I am. The thoughts I have I need to analyze to see if they’re mine or just irrational, passer-bye thoughts. –Danae Infinger, FB User

I am a waste of space, I have passed this illness to my son, I wish death upon me, I can’t stand being in my own skin. I feel everyone stares at me like I have a sign on my face that says I’m mental stay away. I can’t find or stay in any relationship everyone has failed just like I have with my whole life. I hate looking in the mirror I hate what I see. –Angie Rush, FB User

Quotes On Coping With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can be a great teacher. It’s a challenge, but it can set you up to be able to do almost anything else in your life. –Carrie Fisher

Only rest helps me. Binge watching my favorite series until mania or depression passes. Having my husband hold my CCs and watch over me. –Patricia Mahoney, FB User

For me, I have to make myself do nothing overstimulating, it helps to take a long hot bath or meditate. –Precious Gem

“My go to for coping is music, coloring in and writing my feelings down so I understand what is bothering me. –Rebekah Hilton, FB User

“I have to remind myself that not everyone else is to blame for how I feel. That my emotions do what they do and it’s not just because someone else made me feel that way. I try to stop where I am and look around myself before reacting.” –Sarah Bleckman

Quotes From Loved Ones Perspectives

“She was a free bird one minute: queen of the world and laughing. The next minute she would be in tears like a porcelain angel, about to teeter, fall and break. She never cried because she was afraid that something ‘would’ happen; she would cry because she feared something that could render the world more beautiful, ‘would not’ happen.” –Roman Payne, The Wanderess

You don’t know what you can expect. Things can change from one second to another for no obvious reason. One minute everything is fine, the next she hates you, screams, cuts herself, throws things at you and another minute later she cries and begs you not to leave her. You are always wrong, either you did something terrible to her or you are terrible because you want to leave her because she has this condition and you can’t accept it. So again you are the bad person. –Klaus Kunze

“The spirit that I saw in this man as he dealt with his bipolar disorder was unshakable. The number one reason that he is my husband now is that no matter how he felt biologically that day, his service to other people never wavered. He gave the same to everyone whether he was feeling well that day or not. It was then that I learned the true nature of the spirit and that our bodies are truly just vessels for a much higher energy.” – Mary J, Psych Central

From what I’ve seen and experienced, there is the emotional roller coaster… in the dark because not even you know what mood is coming next. –Anonymous

Regaining Hope With Bipolar Disorder

I don’t let having bipolar define me as a person. I am human like anyone else without this condition. I may have a different angle, different pace, but I have learned that I won’t tell myself I can’t anymore, because I limit myself then. Having bipolar is learning a new me, everyday. I just have to maintain which me that is more consuming. End of the day, I feel emotion, likes humans do, I just may be more passionate, in either directions.-Anonymous, FB User

“Life is like a piano; the white keys represent happiness and the black show sadness. But as you go through life’s journey, remember that the black keys also create music.” –Ehssan

“You are not your illness. You have an individual story to tell. You have a name, a history, a personality. Staying yourself is part of the battle.” –Julian Seifter

Bipolar disorder is incredibly difficult for those who suffer from it and for loved ones around them. However, there is always hope in managing and overcoming symptoms. If you think you or someone you know may have bipolar symptoms, you can take the DSM-5 test here. Or you can try affordable online therapy through BetterHelp.

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