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Passive Suicidal Ideations: When to Be Concerned? Factors Associated with Suicide

Suicidal ideations occur in the planning phase of when someone is thinking about committing suicide. Passive suicidal ideations refer to passive thoughts of what it might be like to die. With the rise of suicidal rates in the United States, it is important to understand the difference between passive ideation, active ideation, and imminent threat...Read More

3 Types Of Bipolar And What They Mean Bipolar 1 Vs Bipolar 2 And Cyclothymic Disorder

There are three main types of Bipolar disorder: one, two and Cyclothymic Disorder. These three classifications come from the DSM diagnostic criteria. The main difference between these disorders is the severity of manic episodes. Additionally, bipolar disorder can improve with age and consequently it can become worse. It all depends on a mixture of brain...Read More

What’s The Difference? Bipolar Vs BPD Understanding the difference between disorders

Mental health awareness is on the rise in political arguments, and personal experiences are becoming a hot topic of conversation. However, despite the recognition of many highly characterized mental disorders, many people remain unsure of the distinguishing differences each disorder can have. One of the common misconceptions comes from the use of the terms bipolar...Read More

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