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15 Signs Of A True Sociopath In Both Adolescents And Adults

A sociopath, by definition, is someone with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASP). A personality disorder characterized by disturbed, maladaptive social relationships, particularly those that reflect clear antisocial behaviors (Sociopathic Personality, 2009). Antisocial behaviors can vary individually, yet it’s important to understand that a psychopath is believed to be born, meaning it’s in their ‘nature’, it’s related...Read More

3 Famous Sociopathic Serial Killers

Sociopaths are often a product of their environment rather than being born with the innate qualities that make them cold and calculating. Unlike their psychopath counterparts, sociopaths do not typically have an extensive education and often struggle maintaining employment. Their behaviors are usually responsive and erratic, following no real trend or pattern.  They can become...Read More

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