Pro Bono Counseling (Towson)

110 West Road # 202
Baltimore, Maryland 21204

The Pro Bono Counseling Project (PBCP) ensures that Maryland families and individuals with limited resources in need of mental health care are linked with licensed mental health professionals who provide care on a volunteer basis at no cost. PBCP, a non-profit 501c (3) corporation which began in 1991, supports the volunteer efforts of participating clinicians, by distributing those cases that could not be served by any other means, and collecting and reporting data.

More Counselors in Maryland

Melissa Phillips

You may be struggling with past trauma that continues to be intrusive in your life. You may be living with anxiety and depression that those around you don't see. Or dealing with issues and conflicts in your relationship that you can't seem to get past.

Dr. Shantisse Mason

I am a dual licensed clinician with professional experience in both clinical mental wellness addiction services. I work with a variety of individuals attempting to mange symptoms related to grief & loss, depression, anxiety and trauma. I have over 20 years of experience helping persons navigate doubt, uncertainty and conflict.

Chamika Block

Hello! At various times in our lives we may feel the need for change and personal growth. I believe that the change and personal growth we seek can be achieved through therapeutic collaboration.