3 Powerful Tips for Self-Love

Does your mind keep entertaining the thoughts of how do you love yourself? Well, I have found that there is only one thing that heals all problems: No bs self-love. I don’t mean repeating the words “I love myself,” mindlessly till you brainwash yourself into self-love, none of that. When I say no bs self-love, I mean a thoroughly concrete and sincere way of attaining and maintaining love for yourself which will never be achieved without having: a moral code of values. Below are the three cardinal values to guide your choices and actions – the values which, together, are the means to and realization of your ultimate value which is, of course, the meaning and love of your own life.

The Value of Rationality

 The value of rationality means recognizing and accepting reason as your only source of knowledge, judge of values and guide to action. What this means is living a life of absolute commitment to a state of full, conscious awareness, to the maintenance of full mental focus in all issues, in all choices, in all of one’s waking hours. In valuing reason and rationality, it is important for you to be in constant and active expansion of your perception and knowledge. Valuing rationality means a commitment to the principle that all your actions, desires, goals, and convictions must be based on, derived from and validated by a process of thought – a precise thought process directed by as ruthlessly strict an application of logic as the capacity of your mind permits. This, of course, indicates that you will not live your life based on your whims, feelings, or the spur of the moment. You must accept full responsibility to forming your own judgments and living by the work of your own mind. I must admit, this is not a value for the impulsive or faint-hearted.

The Value Of Productive Work

 We’ve only got one shot at this thing called life and let’s face it, the majority part of it will be spent working and producing. Therefore, being involved in work that you have no passion for is torture and a waste of your life. To be sincerely in love with your life, you must understand what productive work is and is not. Productive work is not the unfocused or half-assing performance of some job just to keep your head above water. What this value means is the consciously chosen pursuit of a productive career, in whatever field of rational endeavor, be it great or modest, on any level of ability. It is not the degree of your ability nor the scale of your work that is ethically and morally relevant here, but the fullest and most purposeful use of your mind.

The Value of Pride

Pride, one of the seven deadly sins. Usually associated with terms such as stubborn pride or foolish pride. In certain instances, society tolerates pride like ethnic or gay pride, a little pride for the nation on the 4th of July, sure. But individual pride? F$#k No. You must be humble like the athlete that scores a goal or wins a major trophy and points to the sky as if to say. “It is not by my extreme dedication to hard work, using my mind to strategically defeat my opponents nor honing my skills over years that have led me to achieve this major trophy, but rather I have won through the work of the man in the sky.” Blessed are the meek. Away with all that. What is rational pride? It is simply love of self, wanting the best for yourself and willing to do whatever it takes rationally to get the best. The proud man has a high opinion of himself because he has earned his pride through his actions. Pride is in doing your best in every situation you find yourself, not self-evaluation or patting yourself on the back for just showing up. Pride is regarding you as capable and competent to complete a course and fully acknowledge the worthiness of your achievements. The only real way to convince yourself is through your actions.

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