6 New Year Resolutions to Aid the Psyche

A new year is often seen as the starting line for change. We all hope for the New Year to bring about a new you. In order to do this, most people create New Year’s resolutions. Often these involve losing weight, finding love, or just being a kinder person. These are all very admirable, but sometimes change needs to come from a deeper place. We want to be stronger, wiser, healthier, and most of all happier people. Becoming that person is a process though. So, here are some of the best resolutions to get you started on the road to mental stability, and a more important, happier or confident soul:

I Will Use My Voice

Before you start saying things like “but no one understands” and “no one listens anyway” stop and consider that those statements are really just generalizations, and unimportant ones at that. Speaking your mind, and speaking it as genuinely as you can, is more about reminding yourself of how strong your voice is. Only you can tell the world what you want. Even the simplest of words such as “No.” or “Yes.” can have an almost eutrophic effect on your soul. Using your voice is honestly just knowing what you want or need, and letting yourself have it.

I Will Protect Myself

Toxic people and things will always appear through-out your life. This could come in the form of a co-worker, an ex, or even your own family. Protecting yourself is all about identifying the things that are metaphorically poisoning your mood and mental stability, and then removing them. Yes, it’s true that sometimes it isn’t as simple as blocking a number, but no matter who or what may be infecting you, there are ways to remove them emotionally. Start by noting the reasons they are toxic; followed by repeating these reasons often. It’s also important to forgive them for what they did because as the wise Buddha scriptures say “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” Finally, always keep close to your heart an image of a better future without them. In short, protecting yourself is about giving yourself the right to release what you find unimportant and harmful to your life.

I Will Note the Positives

Maintaining and grooming a positive outlook is essential to having a healthy mental stability. Just for a moment, push aside all the bad that has happened in your life and search only for the good. No matter how small the positive may be, make sure you take notice of it. For example, if someone you know is getting married instead of letting it remind you of your own loneliness, try to take it as a hope that love is still something to be celebrated. Note every last thing that made you feel even the tiniest bit of joy, and never let go of that list. As a bonus fun idea, why not take that list at the end of the year and create a little project out of it. A unique scrapbook or a story journal is a sweet way to record a years’ worth of positive sentiments that you can look at and share for a lifetime.

I Won’t Shy Away From Help

Remember that beautiful voice you resolved to use more? Well here is where you can really use it. Talk to others more. It doesn’t have to be about your struggles, but make the topic mean something to you. Allow yourself to open up and feel the presence of another human while taking in their voice as well. You could never imagine how another voice can influence your own perspective until you really listen to the world around you. So if someone wants to offer you some innocent help, give them a chance. It’s only those who can’t think for themselves that are threatened by the words of others. When we shy away from help, we close off something deep inside and shutting the world out, only shuts in your own demons.

I Won’t Condemn My Faults or Failures

Failures help us to learn and grow, and our faults are what make us unique. Condemning or even ignoring either one of these will only condemn you to be swallowed up by the same tired mistakes. Almost everything in life is only a temporary situation, so accept things as they happen, fix what you can, and move forward knowing you have grown. Take this New Year to start on a journey that allows you to learn from the bad, and embrace the beauty in every part of you.

I Won’t Give Up On Me

You are the one and only person who has to live with yourself. You have every second of the day, week, month, and year to honestly get to know who you are and find a way to change or embrace that. Because if you give up on yourself, how can you expect the world not to? No matter who you are, there is no excuse for giving up on yourself. I can say with the most certainly I’ve ever had, that we all have the potential to be better and to live a better life. This year, and the year after that, and the many years following, the one resolution I never want anyone to toss aside is the one to never give up on themselves.

New Year’s resolutions are all about improving ourselves. No one wants to look at themselves in the mirror the following year and find out they did nothing to improve their odds at a happy future. So, take a look at these resolutions, because they are meant to help you take a look at yourself. From my heart to yours, I hope each and every one of you finds a stronger, wiser, healthier, and happier you in the years to come.

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