7 Famous Narcissistic Female Celebrities

Narcissistic behavior in individuals has a broad range of descriptors and identifiers. A narcissist can be charming, alluring, seemingly perfect. They can be cruel, calculating, manipulative, and lack empathy for those around them. Chances are, more than once in your life you have encountered someone who exhibits the tendencies of a narcissist.

Narcissistic behavior exists in all social circles, professional settings, and even fictional scenarios. Identifying the key behaviors of a narcissist is often one way to determine if your partner, friend or favorite actor could potentially be a narcissist. Here are some of the basic characteristics of someone exhibiting narcissistic behavior:

  • They are charming, and everyone seems to like them.
  • They seem to want only the best in life, expecting fine gifts and the biggest paychecks.
  • They seem to believe they are superior in all manners of life.
  • They may be selfish, caring only for their own needs and desires.
  • They may be manipulative, coercing others into action for their own motivations.
  • They always find a way to talk about themselves, no matter what the subject.
  • They do not handle criticism well, becoming moody or angered at the slightest signs of disapproval.
  • They deny actions or blame others for misgivings or shortcomings they appear to have.

Identifying a narcissist that is part of your immediate social or professional circle might be an easy task. You may see and engage with them on a regular basis allowing you the opportunity to observe their traits and behaviors which clue you into their true nature. However, recognizing these traits in your favorite artists, musician or actor may be a bit more challenging. Here are seven female celebrities you may know that may have higher degrees of narcissism.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton.

Heiress to one of the largest hotel and resort chains in the country, Paris is noted for seeming extremely wrapped up in herself. Publishing a novel describing her ‘challenges,’ her attitude, behavior and constant attempts to appear in the latest celebrity spotlight indicate a high level of narcissistic behavior. Many might claim that her professed advocacy for animals goes against a narcissistic personality. However, she might simply be seeking popular avenues to receive praise, gratitude, and approval from her adoring fans.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga.

Pop singer and actress, Lady Gaga is well-known for being the pop queen of outrageous costumes and designs. Her flair for fashion often borders the extreme and has been attributed to inspiring college courses depicting how she embodies the sociological talent of achieving success and fortune through her unique approach. While viral videos around the world have provided the public with scenes of her caring nature for animals and children, it is possible that this is another ploy to inflate her public image for personal gratification.

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford.

Respected and revered actress Joan Crawford and her narcissistic tendencies were immortalized through the novel written by her adopted daughter, Christina. The novel was later turned into a film which demonstrated Crawford’s need for approval and to remain in the spotlight, well after her expected retirement. Her beauty regime, immaculate home, lavish parties, and multiple castings contributed to a distance and abuse experienced by those closest to her. Crawford’s narcissistic and obsessive-compulsive tendencies were the cause for the pain and discomfort for her lovers, staff, agents, and children throughout the duration of her life.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey.

Pop singer and songwriter, Carey is known for being a diva with high demands and expectations. Carey’s narcissistic tendencies are evident in her need for surrounding herself with an entourage of adoring friends and her attitude of being superior to any and every person that she meets. Carey has been said to have demanded dressing rooms larger than some homes along with requests for only the finest food and fashion for each and every show or appearance she attends. She has also been said to have quite the temper when receiving criticism or negative comment.


Madonna is considered a generational legend, remaining in the throws of celebrity gossip and praise for over two decades. Always one to create or re-create her image to match the current trends of society, Madonna is said to have undergone numerous plastic surgeries to maintain a youthful appearance. Like others, Madonna uses any, and every means necessary to maintain her status quo as a pop goddess. She has been said to demonstrate an uncaring attitude for anyone in her employ, working extremely long hours with outrageous demands and no time for those who can’t meet her expectations.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian.

Celebrated and self-centered socialite Kim Kardashian takes selfie posting and self-promotion to new heights. In the age of social media, Kardashian has dominated the culture with risqué photos, borderline vulgar fashions, and an on-again, off-again relationship with her male counterparts. Setting trends and standards for what is beautiful, the socialite has generated a substantial income with her beauty products and trends, all which feed her ego and need for constant attention and approval.



One of the most iconic pop stars of her generation, Beyonce started with humble beginnings in the trio of Destiny’s Child. Having costumes for her shows made by her mother, Beyonce catapulted to the top of pop charts as the lead in the pop group. However, fame and fortune turned into a source of narcissistic supply when her demands and behavior caused a rift in the group which lead to its end. Since then, Beyonce has remained a pop queen, keeping the attention on herself with her fashion statements and relationships.

Beyonce’s narcissistic need for attention takes on new forms with her bizarre and eclectic pregnancy and newborn photo shoots which she shamelessly shared on multiple social media platforms in an attempt to stay the topic of conversation in celebrity gossip columns.

Narcissistic behaviors are often observed in those who have the money, power, and fame to cater to the high demands and expectations associated with the personality. If you take a look at your favorite celebrities, you might be surprised to find that many of them are demanding, attention-seeking, and often cruel to those who work to keep the celebrity in the height of popularity.

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