7 Gifs Only People With Social Anxiety Will Understand

1. Many People With Social Anxiety Just Want To Go Home

Social anxiety creates a strong desire to escape from social interactions. Many people with social anxiety feel most comfortable in their own homes doing activities alone.

2. People With Social Anxiety Often Feel Guilty

One of the most difficult challenges with social anxiety is dealing with the guilt of bailing out on plans with friends or family. Often they will think that you just don’t care, but in reality, it’s just that you have social anxiety.

3. People Might Think You’re A Misanthrope

Some people might believe that you just don’t like anyone. People with social anxiety don’t hate other people, and it’s just that being around other people causes them extreme anxiety.

4. Severe Social Anxiety Means Paper Bags

Most people don’t look at paper lunch bags and think, ‘Thank God.’ People with severe social anxiety see panic attacks and paper bags in a whole new light.

5. Social Anxiety Makes You Want To Hide In A Crowd

Social anxiety makes you want to hide when you are in a crowd. One of the symptoms of social anxiety is a fear of being judged or humiliated.

6. Social Anxiety Limits Your Ability To Talk With New People

Talking with someone new in a social setting can be very challenging when you have social anxiety. Not only do you get anxiety being around groups of people you know – but new people can cause even more anxiety.

7. Being Put In The “Spotlight” Makes You Cringe

For many people being in the spotlight feels absolutely amazing. For people with social anxiety, being in the spotlight may be terrifying and make them want to cringe.

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