7 Gift Ideas For Someone You Love Who is Struggling This Year

It’s that magical time of year where caring and sharing are in full bloom, and nothing feels better than giving that perfect gift.  Most of us know someone who is facing chronic issues such as depression or anxiety. With that being said, there is no better time than the holidays to wrap up something special to show you are there for them. So what kind of gift sends that perfect message of caring and understanding to those in need? Here are some gift ideas that might just bring out that beautiful smile you long for from the one you love who is struggling:

Comfort Items (Blankets and stuffed animals)

I can say from personal experience that nothing has given me a better feeling of safety than wrapping up in my favorite blanket. Those suffering from anxiety or depression have a deep need to feel comfortable and secure. One great item to think about giving is a weighted blanket. The effects of these blankets have been proven by aiding children with autism during therapy sessions. The blankets allowed many to calm down almost immediately after being embraced in the blanket. The sense of touch is a comforting experience and can work wonders with anyone needing that sense of relief.

Another comfort item to consider is a stuffed animal. Now throw away the idea saying that’s for children not adults, consider that 4 in 10 adults sleep with a stuffed animal.  Not to mention the improvement to stuffed animals today is incredible. Here is one stuffed animal that changes temperature as well as giving off a calming lavender scent. We want to always be by their side to comfort them with a warm hug, so won’t you feel better that these gifts can be there when we can’t.

Spa Day

Ok so this one may not exclusively be for those with a mental disorder, but if there were ever a perfect gift for those needing to escape their struggles, this would be it. Sweet scents, soft touches, gentle music, and dim lighting are all big check marks in relieving anxiety.  One tip would be to allow them to choose the basic schedule to increase chances that this will be healing for them. For instance, if they don’t like being touched then they can skip the message and jump into the mud bath instead. Another bonus is that afterword’s they will feel gorgeous inside and out from all the beauty treatment.

Aromatherapy and White Noise Machine

The benefits of aromatherapy are becoming the biggest fad this year, and the benefits of white noise are well known to the psychology world. I personally know at least five people that sleep with both an oil diffuser and a white noise machine.  Not a single one can stop promoting its benefits. The aid in a good night sleep is the single most amazing gift you could ever give someone. At the very least I don’t see how smelling jasmine as you listen to the waves can cause more stress.

Natural Teas and Snack Basket

Who doesn’t love a gift basket? Not to mention one filled with yummy things to drink and eat. For tea suggestions id recommend a festive peppermint or a relaxing chamomile. For snack ideas some light, natural choices could be things involving nuts (if no allergies of course), berries, seeds, and avocados. Place it together in a basket with a pretty bow, and you got a smile worthy gift.

Written Words

There are quite a few ways the written word can be gifted to those you love. My personal favorite is a personally written note or card. Nothing is more comforting than literally seeing right in front of you in words how much someone desires to be there for you. Another choice is a book of poems. Short little-written passages can be an easy and convent way to give inspiration. Lastly giving them all the materials to write their own words is a great idea. A journal with a beautiful binding and a fancy pen that can get them started on their own road of self-healing that can bring about surprising results. If you are lucky, they may even let you see it, which will allow you to know even more about their pain while increasing your bond. What better gift could you ask for yourself?

Memories (Photos)

Remind them that life can be beautiful. Remind them how amazingly beautiful they are. Remind them that people are out there for them. Remind them that there were times of peace and that they can come again. Simply put, just remind them. Create a photo book of the best moments, bring out some old toys or clothes, or just take them to a particular place from their past. It is nice to look back and only think of the good things. We could all use a little reminder now and then of the beauty that this world can and has given us.

Promise Coupons

Promises can hold a deep meaning for those who give and receive them. Show your loved one what you are willing to give them. Write up a promise for a hug, a night out, or a home cooked meal, and be ready to deliver. Even if you are aware they don’t need a coupon to call on you, this way they have an excuse to. This also allows them the chance to cash them in all year round, so that they can feel your consideration beyond the holiday season.

Comforting, thoughtful, useful, and all around caring, these gifts are sure to get you the results you desire when they are opened. Holidays are for giving, and these are the gifts that are worth giving. So, open your heart, and allow yourself to give something truly meaningful this year to someone who is in need of something special.

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