11 Compatible Jobs For People With Social Anxiety

We live in an era where happiness and occupations are becoming interchangeable. This is the way it’s supposed to be, right? Rather than spending 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week in a small cubicle at an unsatisfying job, people are encouraged now more than ever to find something that resonates with their well-being and idea of a fulfilling career.

For those who suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder (or SAD), finding a comfortable job may be difficult. It may depend on where you are in terms of treatment or diagnosis that leads you towards a certain position. Some find it difficult to hold a permanent job, while their SAD misconstrues them as being seemingly rude or difficult to work with.

If you’re struggling with social anxiety disorder and are caught in a job that you hate, or are struggling to even find a job worth applying for, you have to find something that allows you to show your true potential. If you can’t get a job because of anxiety, that simply means you’re looking and applying for the wrong jobs. You need work that is both challenging but stress-free, and compatible with your social anxiety, and yes, that does exist. You also may or may not want to quit your present job and seek a more ‘isolated’ money-making job, although being isolated may aggravate your social anxiety (believe it or not!); however, that isn’t the case for everyone.

So if you’re seeking a fulfilling occupation that meets the needs of your social anxiety, continue reading to learn about different jobs for people with social anxiety. These jobs also actually bring out your creativity (and even allow you to be a perfectionist) while you are making money. So, get with the new trend of being happy at your workplace, while feeling comfortable and satisfied. Read along, take notes if necessary, and do some of your own research on whichever jobs stand out to you the most.

Child Care

For people with more mild anxiety, this job is a friendly option for you. Whether you’re seeking a part-time job, weekend cash, or full-time nannying position, child care is pretty straightforward. The worst tasks you’ll have to do are clean, cook and drive, but then again, you do this for yourself every day anyway! Kids can teach you a lot and also keep you active and creative. If you’re having a severe case of anxiety, for example, you can bring the kids to the park and act like a big kid running around. Though you may have to push them on the swing, it’s always beneficial to get fresh air. Working for parents is an easy option because it’s usually easy to get your shift “covered”  by letting the parents know in advance.

Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning jobs are similar to childcare jobs as the responsibilities are things you already do for yourself every day. However, cleaning jobs are less stressful than cleaning your own home because you will feel less repetition. In a different home, you can clean in peace and get your thoughts settled, and even steal a few minutes of your own time if you have to make any to-do lists or make any important phone calls. Cleaning can be relaxing and therapeutic in itself for these reasons. You also do not have any pressure of dealing with other people, except perhaps for the homeowners. Cleaning jobs are one of the best anxiety friendly jobs being that coworkers or customers don’t surround you on a daily basis, and if the homeowner is rude- you can just find another home! This is one career that has been around for ages and is never going anywhere, as long as homeowners desire to have someone else clean their house for them.

Dog Trainer, Dog Walker, or Dog Sitting

Whether you want to open your own business or go door-to-door, dog training and dog walking are exceptional options for people with social anxiety. You get to hang out with furry friends for a living, and what’s better than that? Dogs are often brought into jobs of schools for people to play with and relieve them of any stress or anxiety. Now, imagine your job is to be with dogs all day and teach them how to sit, catch, play, and where to go potty,  What could be better than that?

For something more fulfilling- look into becoming a Veterinarian tech, kennel operator, or zookeeper!


I think all my high school friends who suffered severe social anxiety took on becoming an accountant. Bookkeeping and businesses financial details become your forte, and this is perfect if you love numbers. You will learn to work independently here, so your anxiety will not be triggered in this position.

Computer Programmer

For the creators who also suffer anxiety, here is where you’ll want to take notes. Computer programmers are good at logical problem-solving, focusing, and are detail-oriented. This may be an excellent option for the perfectionist. Your analytical skills come to life in this position, and no one minds if you lack in communication skills. You may interact minimally with coworkers in this job, but most of your job requirements are to hang out with your computer.

Delivery Driver

If you love being behind the wheel, being a delivery driver may be your best option. Requirements are usually just holding a license, having a clean record, and enjoying the ride! The only interaction you may have is during drop off/pickups, which is usually quite minimal.


Believe it or not, helping others cope with anxieties, phobias, or other psychological concerns is beneficial to your health. You’ll find it rewarding to be the person they can confide in and to see how clients grow and excel at their own life. In many cases, focusing on the problems of others will reduce the pressure and anxiety of your issues.

Landscaping or Construction

Here is another creative and demanding job that is anxiety friendly. Landscapers can work as entrepreneurs or for a company with the freedom of working outdoors and alone (or with others). This is a fantastic option if you dislike being indoors at an office. Construction workers likewise can work as entrepreneurs or with a company and spend their day’s building. Working for a company is ideal for people who genuinely do not want to deal with people directly, whereas opening your own business may require some communication effort and skills.

X-Ray Tech

Maybe you enjoy working indoors and have considered a health-related position. X-ray technicians often spend their time in a dark room, alone or with another employee. You may interact with a patient whose getting x-rayed and also doctors, but that sums it up. There are multiple location options, such as hospitals/emergency rooms, doctor offices, dentist offices, and more.


Have a college degree but no clue what to do with it? Consider becoming a tutor. Tell your friend’s kids, tell your friends to tell their friend’s kids, put up signs, get involved with a school (requires some communication skills). Then, get the OK to tutor from the comfort of your own home. You may have an interaction with a few kids a day until you get the hang of it. Whether you want to teach math, English, or science, a tutor is always needed for students who struggle. This can also be rewarding as you watch your students’ confidence grow as they learn more and more.


Ok, I saved the best for last. Being a writer is, in my personal opinion, the best option for social anxiety. Freelance writers work from home, often pose as ghostwriters or content writers, helping businesses flourish. Freelance writers can write their own books, so if imagination and creativity are your forte, this is entirely for you. Or maybe you want to go with non-fiction, tell your story. Content writers and editors sometimes work remotely, an exceptionally great option for people with social anxiety.

Now that you have a list of fun, creative, and stress-free jobs, you can go and find something that makes you happy. There is no need to fear or let your anxiety get the best of you when there are SO many money-making options that are fun and rewarding (and pay well, too!). If any of these jobs seemed interesting, start researching and applying online!

  1. Why would a tutor or child care work be one of the best jobs for anxiety when your main anxiety is from talking to people especially people you don’t know very well.

    1. That’s a good question, Amber! I hope it’s all right that I share my thoughts on this.
      I’ve nannied for 5+ years and taught in class for 5 years. My SAD is the worst it’s been in years.
      A class full of kids in a school full of people is now impossible for me. But I still love teaching, and teaching up to two or three people instead is possible.
      Nannying is the same situation, same size of crowd. And with both jobs, I can usually control what I’m doing and when.
      Both jobs have me caring for others, but I don’t feel too overwhelmed. And I also get to know them well in a short time, unlike a big office of people.
      I hope this helps, and everyone is different! (I.e I couldn’t do deliveries or x-rating, but others probably can)

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