Six Anxiety Coping Tools You Can Take Anywhere

Those with anxiety disorder understand how suddenly it can flare up. Sitting in a classroom, lying in bed, or even just taking a walk down the street; anxiety can strike anytime anywhere. In the world today things move extremely fast, and it seems impossible to get away. That’s why it’s essential to have, what I will refer to as, soothers on you at all times. Whether it’s at the office, in class, or just at your in-law’s house, these comforting items may be a used as an inconspicuous sedative to anxiety. These act the same as a security blanket does and having something comforting close by can make a big difference when you start to feel symptoms of anxiety. Here are some simple ideas for things you can keep with you at all times when you are traveling or on the go.

Comforting fragrances

Wake up and smell the roses. The latest craze these days is relaxing your nerves with essential oils. The idea behind this is different scents interact with the human psyche to create varying effects. One study even showed how the scent of a woman can change how much a man guesses she weights. Though the study of scent and the mind is still a new subject within psychology, it’s showing a lot of promise. With that being said, I believe everyone should take a trip to your local smelly stuff store and try out all the different scents. Once you find one that makes you feel at peace, pick up a small bottle, or even candle of it, and take it with you. Whenever you are feeling stressed, just pull it out and breathe in the fragrance. Some of the best fragrance suggestions are lavender, jasmine, chamomile, and sage.

Pages of a book

Take a page from your favorite book, literally. We all have a book or saying that speaks to us, and having those words physically there with you may be very meaningful in times of hardship. Some even tattoo those words on themselves. When you are feeling intense emotions, having the perfect words right in your pocket could pull you through the worst of it. Read the words you’ve personally chosen many times over until they speak to you as they did when you first read them. The point is that they remind you of what truly matters in your life when anxiety makes you forget.

Tiny Toy

Many aspiring inventors have come out of the woodworks lately to create toys to help children with ADHD. Many may have heard of the popular fidget spinners and worry cubes. These travel size toys though can often be an excellent outlet for anxiety as well. Even classics such as the stress balls are great things to keep close by to give a fast channel for any sudden tension you may feel. Feeling something between your fingers that often times won’t stop moving during an attack can sometimes have a brilliant effect given time. There are many options so let the kid in you out and find that little gizmo that fits perfect for you.

Hair Brush

Anyone who has had their hair done by a professional knows nothing is more soothing than having your hair gently played with. With this in mind, having a soft brush or comb to take out when anxiety strikes may really offer some much-needed comfort. Hair pulling is actually a common symptom of anxiety; so it seems to make sense that gently brushing it would help ease these symptoms while enjoying the feeling. Another point is that grooming oneself often leads to more confidence, which I’m sure most people could use more of. The best part is that there are many cool compact brushes and combs on the market today that will fit right into your pocket or purse. Another cool tip is if you have a friend nearby offer for them to share in the activity. Brushing someone else’s hair can be just as comforting as brushing your own.


Speaking of enticing your senses, sometimes just nibbling on something little can have a soothing influence. Keeping some mints, gun, or nutrition bars on you can be a lifesaver when you are about to break down. I have personally found a fun size bar of chocolate to be effective for myself. Before you start to worry, no this is not the same as stress eating. The snacks chosen should often be small, and preferably long-lasting. Some highly recommended food suggestions that contain antioxidants which help with anxiety are beans, nuts, berries, and ginger.

Paper and pen

Often we fail at speaking the words we most need to say or hear. In times such as those, we have a magical thing called a pencil and paper. Whether it’s used for writing or drawing, these brilliant tools allow anyone anywhere express their silent feelings.The best part is that you don’t even need to have to be a poet because this is your own personal keepsake that only you need to understand. Having a little notebook and pen on you at all times can allow you a private way to release your chaotic thoughts. Many people keep diaries in order to understand their thoughts better and release the things left unsaid or undone throughout the day. Who knows, maybe writing just a few words could change your whole understanding of who you are, and why you feel the way you do.

Smelling a scent, seeing and hearing meaningful words, feeling something between your fingers, and tasting a light snack are all possible ways to sooth the scenes that most influence you. Now, these can never replace proper therapy, and may not always get rid of the symptoms of stress, but having a calming and familiar outlet at all times can allow for at least some peace of mind and may even be a preventative for attacks. So spin that spinner, smell those roses, or read that passage, and allow yourself escape.

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