The Fact You’re Alive Is Remarkable

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. – Marcus Aurelius

It’s remarkable to think that it took billions of years for me (and you) to come into existence. That the moment the big bang happened, and the universe exploded spilling out planets, stars, and galaxies that we were a part of that process. Think about it like a crack in a large body of ice. The crack starts at an initial point and slowly spreads out. We are part of that spreading out process that all occurred from one event billions of years ago.

When I think about how amazing it is to be alive, breathing and self-aware, it puts things into perspective that I’m a small but necessary component of the universe. This realization isn’t some metaphysical propaganda, but a scientific fact. The way the Universe is and the fact that you and I are alive is the only way it could have been (to this point).

It also makes me understand that I only have this one brief existence, one that took billions of years to manifest. Am I going to just waste it? Am I going to sit here doing things that don’t matter to me, filling my life with negativity and weak ambitions? I will never get this opportunity again.

Life Is Full Of Bullshit

We all know that most of our existence is modern society is bullshit. We sit in traffic all day, deal with finance problems, health problems and other agitating situations such as flat tires. It’s amazing to think it took a cosmological singularity for us to come into existence for THIS. For flat tires, utility bills and a death shitting in a hospital bed at the end. But that is all a matter of perspective and what you make out of life.

When you realize the fundamental truth about how incredible your existence is, you will work on reaching for greater ambitions. You will look for ways to enjoy life more and shrug off the day to day bullshit. Life is too short to let stress rule over you with 20th-century hassles.

Maximize The Short Life You Have

The best way to live well is to try to maximize the short gift you are given. Maximize your time to achieve a purpose in life and get some joy out of it. Here are three key points to focus on.

1. Most of our time is wasted on a job that we hate. Find a job that is something that you enjoy or gives you a sense of purpose.

2. Waste as little time as you can on things that add no purpose or enjoyment to your life. Cut back on additional responsibilities and don’t put up with anyone’s shit or anything that detracts from your life or mission.

3. Help others. If in the short time that you’re alive you don’t at least make one other person’s life better, then why are you even here? You don’t have to please everyone, but at least use the incredible opportunity of being alive to help other people on this difficult journey called life.

I know that this is all easier said than done. However, when you need the motivation to help you achieve your goals in life you only need to remember how amazing it is to be alive. The fact that you are made of the same components as the most astonishing galaxies, planets, stars, and awe-inducing spectacles of the Universe is remarkable. You have one opportunity to make the most out of your life – so don’t let the incredible cosmological power that you have inside yourself go to waste.

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