10 Creatives Ways to Connect With Your Long Distance Partner

If you look up almost any list of why people break up or divorce, you’re almost sure to see something along the lines of living too far or moving away. That being said, being apart does not mean you can’t have a good time together. The most significant benefit society has gained from its screen-centric culture is its ability to connect people in millions of ways. Here are 10 of the best ways to keep your long distance love alive and well:

For the tech lovers

Start a project

What’s better than being productive while also getting to spend time with the one you love? Growing as a person while growing closer as a couple allows for the best of both worlds. Partners in a relationship are always better off when they encourage each other to shoot for higher places, and these are some great ways to travel to great heights together:

  • Co-author a book
  • Design a simple game
  • Start a web show or podcast
  • Take an online class

Movie nights

There are millions of sites out there can one can use to watch something together. My personal favorite is Rabb.it which allows you and your partner to view anything from Netflix’s to YouTube videos together. It has voice, text, and video chat features as well to improve the bonding experience. Also, Rabb.it has an added bonus, they have games you can play together right on the site!


With the mention of games, what’s more fun than a game night? Here are some of the more popular games that seem to be keeping everyone feeling lighthearted and entertained:

  • Cards against humanity
  • Truth or dare
    • This can also be done by video chat or by merely sending pictures to prove your dares if limited to text one. Also for those more bold, there are plenty of naughty options.
  • MMOs (massively multiplayer online games)
  • Drawing games


Singing with the one you love, what more needs to be said? The most popular tool for this is https://www.redkaraoke.com/, but there are plenty of other options on the web. At the very least you can just hop on a voice chat and start belting those Disney songs.

Online quizzes

Take a quiz and share the results. It’s fun as well as a great way to educate yourself on who you are as well as who your partner is. You’ll see new sides of each other and have a great time doing it. What more needs to be said?

Video Dates

Get that facetime or skype chat rolling and take a moment to enjoy the simple things while staring at your partner.

  • Eat together
  • Take a walk together
  • Take in the atmosphere

See what it looks like where they are. See the twilight where they are while they see the rain from where you are. Maybe even enjoy looking at the same moon if the fates allow it.

Virtual Vacay

Yes, this may sound silly, but it really is a blast. Pick a destination and enjoy the fun of planning and exploring a new place together. Sure it’s not as good as tanning on the beach, but at least with a little imagination and this fun site https://www.360cities.net/ you can learn about new cultures, and enjoy some special time together.

For those off the grid

Write notes or a journal

Never doubt the power words can have in comforting a heart and building a relationship. Set a day each week or month to send them a letter. You can even make a fun game out of it by encrypting messages for them to solve. Better yet, try to keep a journal to send. It will be as if you’re writing your very own story of your love. Another fun idea is to switch journals for a bit and have each other write in it. Leave a blank page after each page for your partner to write questions or little notes. You could even choose to illustrate what the other has written instead.

Play Recorder tag

Nothing warms the cold of distance more than hearing the voice of the one you care for. Invest in a recorder of some sort and once you fill it up you send it. You can record your favorite songs, pretend you’re doing a radio or cooking show, describe something you see on a walk or have your friends join in to do a whole bunch of entertaining recordings. They will get the enjoyment of hearing your voice, and when done they can send it back with their own unique soundtracks.

Send gifts

Of course, love shouldn’t be about material things, but that doesn’t mean it’s not refreshing to physically hold something your partner put their love into. Just as with every gift it’s the thought that makes it something special. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Send Food

It’s said the way to someone’s heart is with food. I can say from experience that when I was living at college, nothing got me smiling more than the box of homemade cookies my mom would send me each month. Pack and wrap up their favorites and send it along. If they live far away though I’d recommend not giving them anything that can spoil quickly. Another fun idea is to prepare their favorite meal as much as you can and just send all the ingredients they need with instructions on making it. They will be forced to attempt putting it together, and as a bonus, they will be thinking of you the whole time.

  • Send A Special Fragrance

It may sound weird but just bear with me. Smell is one of the best ways to replicate a memory and giving your partner something you frequently use like a hoodie or blanket may end up flooding them with happy thoughts every time they recognize the scent. Ok still don’t like the idea of sending your used clothes? Then create a new fragrance just for them. This site http://www.uniquefragrance.com/ has some great options from personality type to the items they put into it that help you create that perfectly unique scent for your partner. There are also plenty of stalls in local malls that will offer the same service.

  • Gift Baskets

This one is pretty simple. Put together them some funny shirts, cute little toys and a few snacks you ate together and let the smiles come shining through as they receive it.

  • Pair items
    • Touch Lights
      • Long Distance Touch Lamp I have to say these things are fantastic. The basic idea is when one of you touches the lamp the other lamp will shine a color chosen just for them. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but what a magical way to physically show your partner you are always right there with them in spirit.
    • Connecting Jewelry
      • We all know the best friend necklaces, but there are a lot of fresh ideas for jewelry that connect you to your partner. These Hidden Message Couple’s Bracelets are an excellent example since they are simple, look great for any gender, and allow personal messages inside.

Far away does not mean far from your heart. Take advantage of the distance to bond with your partner in uniquely romantic ways. Romance can bloom anywhere as long as two souls make the time to connect.

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