Identifying The Female Sociopath

With any form of mental illness or disorder, there can be a variety of behaviors and the way these behaviors are exhibited from one individual to the next. One of the influencing factors can be attributed to the individual’s gender. As with many medical diagnoses, gender can influence disorder symptoms due to the different hormones presented in the male and female biology. One such disorder in which some of the symptoms can be exaggerated due to gender influence is sociopathy.

Sociopath Defined

Sociopaths are individuals that have a personality disorder with specific characteristics such as a lack of empathy, excessive manipulation, and a lack of ability in expressing or understanding emotion in themselves or others. Sociopaths are notorious for being untrustworthy as a product of their irresponsibility in any actions that will help them achieve their goals. Many famous serial killers and criminals were later diagnosed as sociopaths due to their irreverence to the suffering of their victims.

Female Sociopaths

In some cases, men are easily identifiable as sociopaths because they often lack the ability to possess the cunning and manipulation styles that allow them to move through social circles. Female sociopaths, however, have talents and traits that their male counterparts often lack. They are excessively dangerous because they seek out their prey and will have a hold on them without anyone recognizing their manipulative abilities to maneuver themselves into a striking position. Some of the top traits in female sociopaths include:

The “Hunting” of Prey

Female sociopaths are keenly aware of the various advantages of their anatomy and perceived nature. A female sociopath will lure her target in by appearing loving, kind, and one who shares the common experiences, desires, and goals of the target. While entranced by this ‘love spell,’ the female sociopath is seeking every advantage to learn the buttons of their target. She will appear to be his or her perfect companion or lover, matching her own tastes to theirs and calculating the moves she must take to obtain everything she needs from this target. The female sociopath is adept at creating the picture of perfection for her targets so that she can gain money, access, material possessions, or other desirable things from her target by allowing them to believe that they have her love and devotion.

The Deceptive Tongue

Much like their male counterparts, the female sociopath is one which rarely seems to exhibit true feelings. They will utilize exaggerated speech or seem to be unfazed by situations in which others react with stress, fear, or anxiety. Their words drip like gold from their mouths, creating a calm and composed demeanor in most all situations. In very rare situations, the female sociopath’s illusion will fracture and those around her may see a glimpse of anger or fury in her eyes. However, the female sociopath will smooth this over with a false sense of security by exuding a fake charm on her targets.

Covert Destruction

The female sociopath uses her skills of manipulation to charm her way into the lives of others. She seems harmless, if not passive in her life and actions. Yet the underlying level of aggression is one unmatched by any opponent. Unlike the male sociopath, the female sociopath will seek out opportunities to destroy the lives of those who oppose her in a quiet and covert manner. She will plant seeds of doubt about her target’s social relationships, skills and abilities, and their own judgments. The female sociopath will destroy any avenue that her target may have to illustrate the danger they are in. Their tactics can include spreading rumors, exclusion, accusations, and slander. The female sociopath creates such disruption that the target fails to recognize they are falling prey to these tactics and will often play right into her hands.

Disenfranchising Fellow Females

Much like lions fighting over territory, female sociopaths are acutely aware of any female who presents even the slightest potential for challenging or dethroning her. The female sociopath will seek out these potential threats and make the first strike to neutralize them, many times without the awareness of their target. They will utilize the internalized oppression of stereotypes about women to make others feel inferior, less attractive, or less intelligent than the female sociopath. They show no remorse for their destruction of another woman’s life if it provides them with the upper hand in the game.

The Sadist Nature

Given the lack of empathy and the inability to truly feel emotion, the female sociopath is known for being one with a love of inflicting pain. Sadist tendencies help the female sociopath to feel powerful and strong. They are often known for causing emotional and mental pain rather than physical pain, but in the context of a romantic relationship, many female sociopaths engage in bondage and domination as a means of control.  The female sociopath will create and orchestrate scenarios where those involved are certain to fail to watch them writhe in the pain that she has created for them.

A Strong Sexual Fixation

The female sociopath knows that she is dangerous and powerful and she secretly thrives with being in control. Fanned by the need to have this control, the female sociopath is an addict to the sexual advances and attention of others. She will crave this attention from male or female lovers, dependent on her sexual preferences and orientation. She is an individual motivated to fulfill any need or desire she has. The praise, affection, and attention received from sexual advances and relationships help to fuel the belief that she can have anything that she wants and no one can refuse her. The female sociopath is known for being promiscuous and often engages in infidelity when in a committed relationship.

The female sociopath is one of the most dangerous individuals to encounter as they have the ability to manipulate everyone around them and confuse even the most certain of individuals. They will convince their targets that they are not at fault and that any failure or negativity experienced is the responsibility of others. Their skills in manipulation, cunning, ruthlessness, and control are unparalleled by any who encounter them.

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