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The Quick And Easy Codependency Quiz



Do you think you or someone you know has codependency issues? We put together this short codependency quiz to help you discover if you may be exhibiting symptoms and characteristics of the disorder.

More On Codependency

Codependency is characterized as a dysfunctional helping relationship in which one partner is solely focused on helping the other. Usually, this help is focused on the other partner’s issues with addiction, alcoholism, poor mental health, immaturity or under-achievement. Codependents may also find themselves in the role of ‘rescuer’ or ‘savior’ to the other partner, which ends up being unhealthy for both parties.

Symptoms of Codependency:

  • A pattern of unstable personal relationships.
  • Inability to be alone for any extended period.
  • Chronic boredom and emptiness.
  • Self-sacrificing nature.
  • The overwhelming need for love and affection.
  • Control issues.
  • Dishonesty and denial.
  • Low self-worth.

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