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Check out our directory of therapists and counselors near your location. We have a directory of both licensed online therapists for your state and local in-house therapists. All of our therapists in our directory have top reviews from Google and other review sites. Additionally, we try to prioritize low-cost counselors and free counseling locations. You can search by using zip code, state or address to find the best results including specialties of therapists.

Tips On Choosing A Counselor

Choosing the right therapist or counselor can seem like a daunting task. Everyone has different issues they struggle with and different ways of dealing with those issues. Additionally, not all therapists are created the same. Some are better at specific issues, and some have different stylistic approaches to therapy.

The first step is to identify what issues you want to discuss with your therapist. For example, these issues may be anxiety, depression, personality disorders, relationship problems such as marriage and divorce, grief, and much more. Once you identify the issue you are struggling with, you can research specific therapists or ask them if they have experience treating these issues.

The second step is thinking about the personality of your therapist. For example, some therapists have a more direct approach while others have a more understanding and soft approach. Political or religious affiliations may also be important to you such as working with a Christian therapist.

The third step is considering your price range for a therapist. The cost of therapy varies significantly depending on where you live and the type of therapist you are working with. Many traditional therapists charge by the hour and can range from $75-$250 an hour. Many people see a therapist once or twice a week for an hour, which can range monthly up to thousands of dollars. Although some insurance companies cover therapy, many do not.

There are also alternative forms of therapy that may be significantly cheaper. One example is using online therapy with companies like BetterHelp or Talkspace. These companies usually charge between $45 and $80 dollars a week for unlimited access to a licensed therapist through phone, computer or text.

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