Can Online Therapy Save Your Relationship?

Relationships are hard work, as the adage goes. It’s true that most relationships have problems and living in the 21st century has certainly added to those problems. With the rise of social media, and high-stress careers, it’s no wonder why relationships are failing, and divorces are rising at astronomical rates. Despite the fact we are more connected than ever, we are all yearning to be connected to those we love. Nothing is more painful than the idea of losing that special someone we care so much about.

With relationships, everything boils down to what you’re willing to do to make it work. Unfortunately, many people only realize that they didn’t do enough until it’s too late. Until they already lost the person they love more than anything. Until they’ve lost their children through divorce or worse. Until they are left heartbroken staring at old photographs wishing that they just tried…a bit harder.

….But what if you could still save your relationship?

The number one reason that relationships fail is due to communication problems. However, it’s not just the ability for couples to explain themselves to one another – but it’s also assumptions. When one partner ASSUMES that the other partner thinks or feels a certain way without addressing it. Nothing kills more relationships and kills them faster than assumptions and poor communication.

Now that we know the number one relationship killer, how do you fix it? Well, it’s not by using relationship gimmicks, it’s actually by changing yourself. One of the best ways to change yourself into a better communication and address problems in a relationship is therapy. Yes, therapy. Very few people know that therapy is one of the best ways to save a relationship or marriage and that most therapists have significant amounts of weekly hours blocked off for relationship help. But, you don’t want to go to therapy, right? Most people aren’t thrilled about the idea.

However, thanks to technology, therapy is very different now. Companies like BetterHelp offer certified online therapy services for roughly thirty-five dollars a week. For that thirty-five dollars a week you get daily contact with your therapist to help you through your relationship issues. This is hugely beneficially because any time an issue arises you can send your therapist a text. Your therapist can help you resolve that issue on the spot or help you reframe your mindset with an unbiased opinion.

Online therapy can save your relationship one fight to the next. It’s having someone always there to give you healthy-advice when you need it. It’s someone who can help you talk it out and also become happier yourself.

But once again, it all comes back to what are you willing to do to save your relationship or marriage? How much is your significant other worth to you? Your children? Your happiness? Is it worth thirty-five dollars a week to get certified help from the comfort of your own home? Well, only you can answer that. If you want to check out BetterHelps service, you can visit them here.

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