Regain Couples Counseling Review: Can It Save Your Relationship?

Regain couples counseling is a new service offered by BetterHelp, the leader for online therapy services. It’s a unique way for couples to approach counseling that provides many additional benefits that you won’t find with traditional couples counseling. In this review, we are going to go over the many benefits and possible downfalls of using an online therapy service for your relationship.

Offline Vs. Online

The first facet of Regain is the fact that it’s an online service instead of an in-office counseling service. Although many couples may feel uncomfortable with seeking counseling online, there are many advantages, in particular for couples. With traditional in-office couples therapy, it can cause a lot of tension. This tension comes from the fact you are revealing your grievances about your partner to your partner and therapist. With everyone being in the same room this can often become heated or make one of the partners feel personally attacked, or ganged up on.

With online couples counseling, there is a certain amount of ‘safe-space.’ Both partners in the relationship can talk about their grievances to a therapist without having to all be physically present. Partners can message directly from their phone at their own pace to their therapist and partner. By having this distance, couples can feel safe to share and also have space needed if they feel upset by the discussion.

Another thing to note with using an online service is the benefit of having constant contact. With offline therapy, you only get contact with your therapist for that particular hour of the week. However, what happens if a specific issue comes up, and you can’t see your therapist until next week? That issue may turn into a big issue while simply waiting to see your therapist. With Regain, you have daily check-in’s with your therapist. This constant contact allows you to address issues as they happen with your partner, instead of after they have passed. This can be a huge benefit for many, many couples.

Cost Differences

The second biggest facet of Regain is the difference of cost. Couples therapy can cost on average between 75 and 100 dollars an hour. If you are seeing your couples counselor twice a week, that’s 600 to 800 dollars a month on average (as much as many people pay in rent or mortgage!). However, with Regain, the starting cost is only 32 dollars a week. You get to pay a fraction of the cost of a traditional counselor, and you get to have the benefits of constant contact instead of scheduled time slots.

Choice Of Therapist

Regain allows you to choose the background of your therapist on a number of different criteria such as gender, age, sexual orientation, political beliefs and religious belief system. You also tell your therapist (before) signing up, with a survey, what issues you are looking to address. These issues are commonly about repairing your relationship, communication issues, infidelity, falling back in love and much more. This information is also factored in with finding the perfect therapist for your relationship.

Overall Summary

Regain is a great service, backed by the number one provider of online therapy services. The service offers many, many advantages over traditional couples therapy, and will save you a ton of money. It’s often a very good idea to start with online services so you don’t end up spending thousands on a relationship that might not be saveable. If you think your relationship is worth saving, and most the time it is, Regain is a highly recommended and credible service.

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